Let’s face facts: The left still wants to blame Donald Trump for every issue the federal government has failed to address. From immigration to race relations to our nation’s failing infrastructure, to out-of-control spending and the bloated size of our government.

The left’s failures are plentiful, but they don’t want anyone to notice. They simply want to indoctrinate our children, cause law-abiding citizens to become vulnerable to rising crime and eventually these leftists will use the force of government to control everything we do.

We saw how they tried, and in many cases, succeeded during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

We saw how much they trampled on our liberty to force control upon us.

We saw how much they degraded cops and sided with violent criminals.

We saw how much they sought to treat parents like terrorists for protecting their children.

The Founding Fathers established this nation on the basis of liberty, but it’s up to us to fight for it.

Tyrants, dictators and petty leftists like Nancy Pelosi and AOC will not hesitate to ignore you if you fail to stand up and voice your opposition.

I’ve been leading that fight from the belly of the beast in California, and while we still have work to do, the fight must continue, or else the socialist mob will impose California’s policies in all 50 states.

While you’re still reeling from the last two elections, the COVID mandates, rising inflation and everything the left has been doing to destroy this country for nearly two decades, they have managed to:

  • Make America’s dollar less valuable around the world,
  • Force America’s healthcare system to get worse and more expensive,
  • Increase America’s racial divide,
  • Ignore the invasion at America’s borders,
  • Keep America’s minorities downtrodden from decades of progressive policies,
  • Promote a Crime Wave, and
  • Enrich the politicians and their allies.

If you’re tired of failed progressive policies and want to prevent your liberty from being stolen forever, then please donate $25, $100, $500, or even $1,000 and help us stop the left from winning this battle for the soul of our nation.

Their plan might destroy America, but we still have time to reverse the damage and that’s why we’re not giving up.

If you stand with us in this fight and make your voice heard, we will expose the left’s dangerous policies and designs on our future mired in socialism.

Some are not more equal than others.

Our children deserve better than to be blamed for the failures of others or to be saddled with debt that was caused by a puppet master who made decisions based on how they could retain power, control us, and enrich their families in the process while the rest of us suffer.

America deserves to have leaders focused on seeking resolutions to strengthen a nation during these unprecedented times, not shirking responsibility. We will be the force to effectuate that change.

Join us and set the course for our nation’s next chapter TODAY!

For our nation,
John Dennis
Chairman, Freedom & Prosperity PAC


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